Multimedia Training

WWER RPV Integrity Assessment (Expert Modules)

These ten multimedia education modules are produced jointly with the International Atomic Energy Agency  (IAEA) based on its long lasting experience in Nuclear Knowledge Management. The tool, addressed at post-graduate students and young professionals, aims at disseminating consolidated knowledge from experts working in the area for decades.


WWER RPV Integrity Assessment (Student Modules)

This multimedia tool was developed for the project "CORONA" financed through the seventh framework programme of the European Commission. The multimedia course is targeted to university students embarking in a nuclear engineering career giving them the basic concepts in the field. Some lectures and documents are downloadable allowing an off-line rehearsal.


Severe Accidents IAEA 

Within the work on major nuclear accident knowledge preservation a Multimedia Training package will be developed jointly by the IAEA and JRC. The tool will preserve and maintain critical Knowledge on the PRE-Accident, DURING-Accident, POST-Accident phase of a Major Nuclear Accident. Interviews and questionnaires will try to consolidate the tacit knowledge of experts having a relevant position during one of the three major nuclear accidents.


This Is Nuclear (Nuclear FAQ

"This is nuclear" is a project to answer Frequently Asked Questions on Nuclear Energy from the general public. Communicating difficult topics in an easy way using an everyday language is the objective of this project gathering together scientist, public relation experts and designers. The approach used is creative and visually appealing to meet the interest of the audience but still maintaining a rigorous scientific approach on the information disseminated.