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Many stakeholders, such as Institutes, R&D Organisations, Regulators, Utilities, Governmental Organisations, have recognised the need for collecting, preserving, consolidating (validating), and disseminating nuclear knowledge (documents, competences and data), in order to make it easily accessible to future generations through modern informatics tools and training and education measures. A broad spectrum of components and technologies could be considered, i.e. reactor pressure vessel (RPV), piping, internals, steam generator, etc. regarding knowledge, material data and practices. In the long run, it will also support future decommissioning exercises of nuclear installations as a valuable knowledge source. In addition to the knowledge in each Member State, the Institute for Energy and Transport (IET) produced a long standing record of results from its own institutional activities and even more through the participation to a large number of European Network partnership projects.

It is important, besides preservation, to consolidate the enormous amount of scientific results produced since. Therefore, The Institute for Energy has developed a methodology for consolidation of nuclear knowledge (see figure below). The method relies on the mobilisation of all identified leading experts in the EU or beyond, re-evaluating old knowledge and consolidating what is necessary to create training and education material for new generations of nuclear engineers.This method was applied to a pilot study for consolidating and preserving WWER RPV safety related knowledge, which is scattered in many countries and in different languages, facing a serious issue in terms of getting lost. This initiative could be the start of a wider Nuclear Knowledge Preservation and Consolidation activity.

This website is intended to preserve and disseminate consolidated knowledge in nuclear safety as well as to link to modern multimedia e-learning possibilities in the area.

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